Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Here we are, at the end of 2018! As always, we have been very busy with lots of engagements: concerts in Danbury and Blackmore; National Flower Show; Southend band stand; Bradwell Flower Show; Mencap Christmas Concert at the pride of the city Chelmsford Cathedral; and our own annual Christmas Carol Concert! Wow, so many! All of us worked so hard and reached another milestone with such a great and confident performance at the Cathedral! As a band, all the band members are so appreciative and grateful to both Alex Campbell and Keith Nice. Thanks to you, we can continue learning and improving our standard of play! As for the committee, thank you all for your commitment to the band and making such a great effort all the time.  With your work, we keep our band such a friendly and happy one.

Also, we welcomed lots of new faces. We are so happy that you found us. It is very satisfying to see all of the smiles at tea time! We have to give a special thanks to Sylvia, for making us lovely cups of tea and coffee every week. With your refreshments, we can build friendships!

This year, we had to say a very hard goodbye to the loveliest life member, Denis White. He was in CSB for over 40 years, always keen to practise and so thoughtful to everyone. Personally, this was the toughest event, losing him and so soon after, his wife Rene. But I am also happy to have them both in a chapter of my life and will cherish such wonderful memories of them.  I am sure that many members agree with this. I will always love you. Rest in Peace, Denis.

So now we look forward to welcoming in 2019. We have already got some engagements booked in and I am sure we going to make it another great year to enjoy ourselves! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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